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drift experience

Rear-wheel drive is in BMW's genes. After all, the associated ideal weight distribution and separation of drive and steering forces lead to unseen driving dynamics. If you want to be able to test the limits yourself in complete safety, the BMW Drift Experience is undoubtedly something for you!

During a half-day experience, instructors will teach you the tricks of drifting and you will become a master in controlling your car. The experience takes place in an enclosed area where our 292 hp BMW 330e Berlines are all too happy to glide across the road.



Welcome: from 08.45 AM
Start Experience: 9.45 AM
End of Experience: 12.30 PM
Lunch is not included.


Welcome: from 1:15 PM
Start Experience: 1:30 PM
End of Experience: 5:00 PM
Lunch is not included.


Price: €190 VAT Incl.

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